SUPERWAPI – Water Pasteurization Indicator 5-Pack 10% Saving

SUPERWAPI – Water Pasteurization Indicator 5-Pack 10% Saving


Save 10% with the SUPERWAPI 5-Pack containing five complete SUPERWAPI units. The Water Pasteurization Indicator (SUPERWAPI) is just that…SUPER! Now you can pasteurize water without having to see it boil. This makes solar water pasteurization possible and reduces the amount of fossil fuel needed to accomplish the task. The SUPERWAPI’s durable six-strand stainless steel construction allows it to be used with not only solar heat but also fossil fuels, including campfires. Its compact design makes it perfect for emergency preparedness and all types of outdoor adventures. What’s more, the SUPERWAPI is reliable AND reusable; you can use it over and over again and again. This product was designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States.

1. Gently pull the surplus wire through the wax (wax is green in color) end of the SUPERWAPI.
2. Drop the SUPERWAPI into the water to be pasteurized with the wire draped outside over the rim (like a tea bag) and the wax in the top portion of the tube.
3. Begin applying heat to the container while observing the wax in the container.
4. When the wax melts, it will slide down to the bottom of the tube.
5. Once the wax is melted and in the bottom portion of the tube, maintain the heat for at least five minutes.
6. The water is now ready to drink.
7. After use, the SUPERWAPI should be cooled vertically with the wax at the bottom of the tube.

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  • Pasteurize water without boiling, saving on fuel consumption and cost
  • Six-strand stainless steel cable is highly heat resistant
  • Work with both solar AND fossil-fuel heat sources
  • Reliable AND reusable; use over and over again
  • Very compact; perfect for hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing and emergency preparedness



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