SSC Solar Water “Batch” (one-quart-at-a-time) Pasteurizer Kit 103 K

SSC Solar Water “Batch” (one-quart-at-a-time) Pasteurizer Kit 103 K


As our climate seems to be getting worse in more and more places, the chances of experiencing a lack of potable water, due to a fractured water infrastructure, is increasing. A wiser solution other than expensive bottled water is needed.

An SSC Solar Water Pasteurizer Kit 103 K when integrated with a particular brand of solar oven, the LeJoy Solar Food Cooker, solve this problem by allowing it to heat and pasteurize water.

The 103 K,  one of  our two classes of kits, is specifically for “batch” water pasteurizing (one-quart-at-a-time) The leg extenders included in the kit allows the solar oven to be tilted at 45º, an optimum angle for its reflectors to be directed to the sun when used in temperate or geographic zones, areas beyond 23. 5º of the equator. For use in tropic zones, areas within 23. 5º of the equator, the oven is used without the extenders with a tilt of 22º for an optimum angle to the sun.


  • (2) machined Plastic Tubes (Leg Extenders)
  • Stainless Steel Mechanical-Stem Thermometer
  • Food-Grade Rubber Stopper


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