RapidPure Pioneer Purifier


Weighing less than 2 ounces, with its own carry bag, the RapidPure Pioneer Purifier is an easy drinking pocket-sized purifier no traveler or outdoorsman should ever be without. Ready for instant use and the perfect fit for your backpack, tackle box, glove box or emergency preparedness kit.

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  • Technology:  UltraCream
  • Effect:
    Virus Reduction 99.9999%
    Cyst/Protozoa Reduction 99.9975%
    Bacteria Reduction 99.9999%
  • Output:  1.2 liters per minute
  • Real World Life:  Up to 190 liters (50 gallons)
  • Ease of Use:  Simple and easy. No priming, pumping, batteries, chemicals or special maintenance.
  • Use w/ Water Bottle:  Yes
  • Weight:  1.9 oz. (Includes Carrying Pouch)
  • Carbon Infused:  Yes. Providing great tasting water
  • Silver Infused:  Yes. Kills trapped contaminants and prevents bacterial growth
  • Third Party Tested:   Yes. Certified to exceed US EPA water purification standards
  • Environmental Impact:   Excellent. Replace filter element only.
  • Freeze Resistant:  Yes. 3rd party certified as water purifier after initial freeze/thaw cycle and as water filter after multiple freeze/thaw cycles.
  • Replacement Cartridge:  Additional cartridges available


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