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Clean, Free & Still Mostly Untaxed

Food can be cooked and dehydrated with sunshine. Water can be heated and pasteurized with Sunshine.  When the sun is not shining, it can be purified with filters.

Spread Happiness Everywhere the Sun Shines

Many people die, worldwide, each year from pollution. In 2015, air pollution was linked to 6.5 million deaths and water pollution was linked to 1.8 million deaths. In the United States alone, there were more than 155,000 deaths related to air pollution.

Deaths from pollution-linked diseases were three times higher than deaths from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined according to a recently published study.

Cooking with sunshine saves lives.

Even more die from polluted water. Most water can be pasteurized with sunshine. When it is not shining water can be purified with filters.

Make a difference by cooking using the power of the sun, and start making the world a better place for everyone.

Join us to help save lives.